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Scarves washing and maintenance of knowledge

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Unlike most of the clothing fabric scarf, not the correct cleaning method is very easy to damage the scarf, I hope we can learn more about the scarves washing and maintenance of knowledge, to fashion and charm can be extended, so comprehensive you the god of their scarves views, finishing the following knowledge for your reference use. Lot of friends want to add experience and sharing, so elegant and beautifully elegant scarf can be sustained.
Washed silk scarves, place the shade to dry. When folded, the inclusion of the drawer or to put a desiccant bag to prevent mildew, use white fresh foil wrap to side oxide yellow. Although many scarves that both the washing instructions, the best way to deal with dry cleaning, but if the washing right, most of the scarf can be washed at home themselves. Essentials is the choice of detergent for silk material, and the appropriate temperature, prior to confirm whether the case will fade, and then carefully handled in accordance with the following:
(1) selection of a neutral detergent without fluorescent agent.
(2) to 20 degrees Celsius warm water washing. Clean water to maintain a certain temperature, the first detergent is completely dissolved in warm water about 20 degrees Celsius standby.
(3) must do first faded water test. The edge of the scarf or not conspicuously stained with a little water, and then press a white towel. If a slight bleaching, do avoid washing.
(4) folded rapidly after rinsing. The scarf folded neatly, and then folds his hands fixed quickly into the water, rinse the surface of dirt back and forth shaking.
(5) to wring folded, spread out again after rinsing. One-eighth the size of the scarf folded, gently wring. Then pulls a clean warm water, repeat steps (4) twice.
(6) softener treatment. To prevent static electricity and increase the flexibility, you can use special clothes softener, rinse with warm water to do the last time, wring dry.
(7) Juan Zhu spread scarf to a towel. The scarf spread out, tile in the towel, along the edge of a cylindrical roll, in order to fully drain water.
(8) in a well ventilated dry place. Remove the water, it will scarf completely spread out, hanging on a rack, placed in the room is not dried at the sun (due to exposure to silk fabric fade in the sun, with special attention.)
How to ironing silk scarf
Ironing silk scarf, it is best washed clean after the scarf, or in semi-dry after washing to ironing the state is also good. To be hot in warm scarf, the scarf negative side up slowly from a quarter of horizontal ironing. Be careful not to burn to the edge of the uplift pressure at the seams. In ironing, the need to move the iron from the central part of the landscape, and then move up or down position, and then in the same manner; before ironing the inside, then ironing the edge if the edge set of floating sudden roll like, just ironing medial part, without pressure hot protrusions. Ironing best to scarf hanging after a while, so the heat completely dispersed after the collection.
    How to collect scarves
Favorite place to avoid excessive moisture and light exposure is the most basic knowledge of scarf collection. In addition, the collection of the best care when folded, do not have wrinkles, and be careful not to make direct contact with the pest control agent scarf.
Silk scarf can be hung trousers hangers incorporate a dedicated, first scarf caught in a cloth and then hang, so you can avoid folds generated. Fold material into a loose scarf preferably cylindrical volume, collecting in the air permeability of the round box, do not hang with a hanger.
Large scarf to go into direct way, the first folded into a triangle on a rack at the suit of armor, you can prevent wrinkles generated, this method can be continuous overlapping of two or three scarves have no problem.

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