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Neckwear, Why Not Tie On A Classic Bow necktie?

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Neckwear, Why Not Tie On A Classic Bow necktie?

By Douglas Harrington

 "First, drape the bow necktie around your neck and make an overhand knot with one side a few inches longer than the other. Next, fold the shorter end roughly in half so that it forms a flat bow. Hold it flat, centered against the overhand knot. Hint: One hand should hold this configuration in a tight pinch. With the other hand, lift the long end of the tie and let it fall over the center of the knot and bow. Pinch the ends of the bow together around the draped end of the tie, noting which side has just one layer. Feel behind the bow for a hidden loop of fabric (you'll be able to see it in a mirror). Fold the long end of the tie over the end of a finger and push it through the loop, making sure to push in the direction of the single-layer end of the bow on top. Once the fold is through the loop, keep pulling until it lines up with the single end. Adjust the tie into something approximating symmetry by alternately tugging on the bows and ends. If the knot is not as tight as you'd like, a soft tug on the two parts of the tie that actually run under the collar can help pull it into a more familiar shape."

In his article of January 4, 2009, Tschorn went on to suggest practicing on your leg or that of a willing partner just above the knee. I agree, but remember to come at it from behind your partner's leg, not kneeling in front of it. You are after all trying to learn how to tie your own bow tie, not learning how to tie one for someone else.

Bow neckties come in as many colors and design variations as long neckties, but as you will probably invest in but a few of them I suggest either classic striped or polka-dot. Again, the appropriately match pocket square should always be part of the ensemble. The bow tie is always well matched with a suit, more so with single than double breasted I personally think, but if you can make it work go for it. Perhaps the most appropriate suit in combination with a bow tie is the vested suit. It is also proper in combination with tweed sport coats in winter and navy or seersucker blazers in spring and summer. Of course, it is perfect with a cardigan sweater in autumn.

For a superb selection of bow neckties, neck ties, pocket squares and yes, even ascots online I can recommend R. Hanauer at As noted earlier, better men's and department stores will offer a fine line of bow ties and other neckwear, particularly Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers and Joseph A. Bank.

I am not sure I know why, but I always think that bow ties work particularly well at holiday parties. Perhaps it is that Norman Rockwell image of a New England Christmas that we all so long for, but rarely ever achieve. Well, I say tie on a red polka-dot bow tie and let the festivities begin.

Will you be in the minority wearing a bow tie? Absolutely! Will you stand out from the crowd? Undoubtedly! And I say, what is wrong with that? I think a bow tie expresses dignity and self-confidence. It evokes the era of a more mannered sensibility and I think the world could use a little more of those manners in both fashion and attitude. So be a real man, tie on a real bow tie.

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Neckwear, Why Not Tie On A Classic Bow necktie?
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