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Are Neckties a Modern Day Evil?

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Are Neckties a Modern Day Evil?

(Collected and Edited by Jinfa Tie).

Come to thing of it, our ancestors - males and females, children and aged - roamed naked in jungles or on top of hills and lived a I-don't-give-a-damn carefree life. What are our lives like today? Stuffed in coats and shirts, with our necks tied with neckties firmly, and a computer to tackle with.

The root of all this evil is the necktie.

When was the last time you breathed freely in the office? Or just walked carefree to an interview without having to display your class and gentility? The more we show our goodness with external displays, the more we are caught in our own trap of civility and manners. How free and natural is the behavior of the common man who need not put himself in such traps. How at once they relate to us without any show or display.

Yet, people like the display and want everyone to go along with them. After all, it is a sign of class, of gentility, to be well dressed for an important occasion.

Compare all this to how free we feel down in our underwear on a beach, or at some beaches, even without that. The fresh flow of air striking the innermost parts that until now remained starved of light and fresh air, the free feeling of the movements, the smile on the face when we look at others looking at us, etc. It's a different world out there, shorn of the imposed formalities, just bare bodies and us facing each other the way nature made us. It is honest and true.

The idea behind this comparison is to reveal the difference our dresses make to how we feel and think about ourselves and others, and not to do away with all the conventions that have built up over time. They have their pros and cons, as this article tires to show, and it is on us to reform and change them to our advantage.

At the base of this whole issue lies the concept of an individual's freedom to dress as he/she pleases, and not as others would please themselves in having us dress as per their liking. To what extent this freedom can be granted, or if at all it can be given, is the debatable issue.

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