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How to Select High Quality Necktie

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For most guys a tie is a tie. But those of you that care about quality may not know how to pick out a high quality necktie. Thankfully, you’ve got the Necktieguy to explain everything you need to know.

1. Feel the tie fabric. If the tie is made of silk and feels rough to the touch than it’s poor quality and move on.
2. Check the lining of the tie. The finest neckties are lined with 100% wool and usually made in Europe. You will run across ties that have a lining made of a wool mixture, but remember the higher the wool content the finer the tie.
3. Look at the backside of tie just above the inverted “V”, where the two sides meet, and you should find a stitch joining the sides. This stitch is called a bar tack and it helps retain the shape of the necktie.
4. Look for a thread called the slip stitch. To find this thread open up the tie as far as possible. If you find this thread, pull it and the tie should bunch up.

One last thing…High quality neckties are cut on the bias (cut across the fabric) and this allows the tie to hang straight after it has been tied. The best way to test this is to hold the tie across your hand and see if it twirls in the air. If it does move on.

Good luck hunting for neckties!

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