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Home textile lures necktie makers of Shengzhou

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It's a commercial call from home textile industry for necktie manufacturers of Shengzhou of Zhejiang province. And the call is well received. The news is that Shengzhou, Necktie City, in China is all set to be transformed into home textile heaven.

It is learned that necktie industry has been shrinking in domestic and overseas markets and therefore, many local necktie manufacturers have started to invest in home textile industry with middle & high-grade jacquard fabric as their first choice.

The first necktie manufacturer, which forays home textile products is Babei Group, which is the biggest necktie manufacturer in Shengzhou. In the last 3 years, Babei Group imported 40 sets of top-grade electric jacquard machinery for the production of home textile products. Company sources said, at present, domestic top-grade fabric still depends on import, especially top-grade colorfully weaving jacquard fabric. Now, the production value of home textiles has occupied about 20 percent of Babei Group, and it is increasing by 113 percent.

So far, number of local necktie manufacturers, which have entered home textile industry is around 10.

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