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Neck Tie Accessories Are Important Too!

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If you wear a neck tie almost everyday then you might be thinking of buying yourself a neck tie accessory specially in this day and age where every small thing becomes a fashion statement. Also, a neck tie accessory will hold your tie in place at all times and will prevent it from coming in your way when you eat, work or play.

In general there are five kinds of neck tie accessories, tie bars, tie clips, tie tacks, tie chains and tie straps. These accessories are made of different types of metals, including gold and silver, or plastics.

Tie Bar

A tie bar is also known as a tie slide. It is a thin piece of metal that you slide across the center portion of your tie so that you can fix it with your shirt. These days tie bars come in various shapes and sizes. There are plain tie bars for people who dress-up in a classy manner and some funky and more creative tie bars for those of you who want to look different.

Tie Clip

Tie Clip is also known as a tie clasp. It is used much in the same manner as a tie bar, the only difference is the way you wear it. Instead of sliding it across, you have to clip it horizontally across your tie and attach it with your shirt. Here again, tie clip comes in variety of shapes, lengths and also in different materials that the tie clip is made of. The overall appearance of the tie clip is greatly influenced by the material used.

Tie Tack

Tie Tack is quite different in form and function from both the tie bar and the tie clip. A tie tack is made of two different parts. The decorative part, the pin is on the left and the back part or the base, with a chain fixed to it on the right.

To use a tie tack, you have to release the pin from its base and stabbed it through your tie. Now, join the base with the pin and then slip the metal weight and chain through one of the buttonholes of your shirt.

Tie Chain

Tie Chain has a fixed upper part called the bar, which is hooked to one of the buttons of your shirt. Now the tie is passed through the chain's loop so that the bar cannot be seen behind the tie and only the chain is visible in the front. Most probably a tie chain is made of gold or silver and they hardly differ in the form or shape.

Tie Strap

Tie Strap hit the markets only recently as compared to other neck tie accessories. It holds your tie in place without restraining its vertical movement. Tie strap works by slipping it through the label loop of your tie and then attaching it onto your shirt button. In comparison with neck tie accessories, this one is most often made from either cloth or transparent plastics, which makes it virtually invisible.

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