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Neckties And Bows Make The Bond

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    Okay, I know most men don’t like wearing neckties and bows except during desperate times (job interviews, meeting your girlfriend’s folks, your wedding). But admit it, neck ties and bows add a certain elegant appeal to your get-up. Sometimes, you even catch yourself saying, "Bond.. James Bond." Even if ties make you think that your girlfriend is a sadist ("Hon, you look dashing when you can’t breathe.."), you have to admit that she’s right. You do look good in ties -- minus the purple face. Besides, it’s not so bad since there are many tie styles to choose from. Aside from making you choke and look good, neck ties and bows also offer a subtle way to change your look from scruffy boy to 007. Just think, those ties look good on bedposts, too.


    Figuring out which tie to use is not rocket science at all. Come to think of it, have you ever seen 007 asking Q for tie advice? In choosing your neck ties and bows, make it your general rule to match your tie with your personality. Since you’re wearing ties, go all the way with the mature vibe and highlight (or invent) your maturity. So even if your girlfriend breaks all your china because you refuse to wear the Austin Powers tie she gave you, don’t mind her. It’s your reputation at stake here, buddy.


    If you’re the kind of guy who just sits around, signs papers, and makes phone calls in exchange for a fat paycheck, you’re probably a guy who doesn’t need to prove anything more. Ties in solid colors are your best bets. But don’t just pick any tie -- a guy with your means can afford anything. Pick silk ties in rich colors like dark green, purple, or maroon. Like a James Bond when he goes undercover, these neck ties and bows are subdued but still get the ladies. These are classics and will go well with your Ashton Martin. For yuppies, it makes sense to show reliability and edge. Stripes generally make the grade for yuppie guys like you. Striped ties have style but still have that depend-on-me vibe. When James Bond wears these ties, people at the British Secret Service can’t help but give him the toughest assignments. Don’t let this discourage you -- striped ties give 007 cool rides and hot ladies. Kind of makes him the guy ladies would love to take home to their mummies all the time.


    Of course, 007 doesn’t spend his time playing poker or staying in hotels while undercover. Being Bond means excitement and adventure, especially if he’s doing something the Secret Service is clueless about. Since you cannot afford 007’s high-flying adventures, just pick an exciting tie. By exciting, I don’t mean glittery, strobe light-bright neckties. That’s groovy, baby, but no. Bond never appears overexcited even if he drives an Ashton Martin or faces Halle Berry. Printed ties are good choices for a bit of excitement. Paisley prints -- those little swirls -- and accent prints are excellent for keeping your cool. Small prints give ties the classic appeal of solid colors while giving the excitement of something extra. If prints scare you, just get a tie pin to accent your neck ties and bows -- perfect for jumping off airplanes or high-powered chases.


    Don’t forget to learn how to tie decent knots. Nothing ruins perfect neck ties and bows more than clumsy knots. Q might know something about this. But if he doesn’t, ask your girlfriend to make up for your Austin Powers rejection. Once she sees how delicious you look in your new neck ties and bows, you might be in for a reward. A real Ashton Martin, maybe? Oh, and before I forget -- wear a suit.

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