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One of the leading neckwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shengzhou Jinfa Necktie Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and customizing competitive and quality neckwear products either OEM-based or self-branded, including Jacquard or woven, yarn dyed or printed silk or polyester neckties, scarves, shawls, stoles and bow ties, etc. more>>

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How to wash your necktie

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Neckties don’t need to be cleaned too frequently, so many men aren’t sure where to begin. Before you take yours straight to the cleaners, consider pursuing these steps for an easy, at-home treatment.

Things You’ll Need:
  • Safety pins
  • Wool cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Towels


Step 1:
Determine what kind of material your ties are made from. Silk ties are difficult to wash by hand. Rayon, satin and other, more durable and common tie materials can be cleaned at home.

Step 2:
To clean your non-silk ties, fill the sink with cold water and add wool cleaner per the instructions on the bottle. Pin the flaps on the backs of the ties together with safety pins.

Step 3:
Soak the ties for at least three minutes. If you think they need more time to soak, you can let them soak for much longer. For tough stains, gently use the toothbrush to scrub them out.

Step 4:
Rinse the ties thoroughly in warm water. Lay the ties flat on a towel and roll the towel up to squeeze out most of the water. Drape the damp ties over a towel rack or shower curtain rod to air dry.

Step 5:
When dry, gently iron each tie on low heat

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