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Choose your flowers tie

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As we all know, thetie on behalf of the men taste for clothing, appropriate clothes with tie intact to prove your aesthetic popular and fashion point of view. Then you have absolute confidence a flower tie your heart all embody?



[Rule Floral]

no rules Floral, the regular pattern flower-shaped, then such a rule pattern printed in monochrome cloth surface, the so-called "rules of floral tie. Such tie had a period of time is quite popular, because its rules and seriousness, a character aging male favorite. To the concept of fashion, sometimes, the rules patterned tie and irregular pattern suits and even jackets matched perhaps unusual effect.
 [No rules Floral]
Just as the literal sense, rules Floral tie on a plain surface of the cloth, printed with flowers of various sizes and shapes. Interval according to the pattern can be divided into different size floral Recently, there are many nonregular geometric pattern of living in which numerous blinding color characteristics of this type of tie, different colors and patterns to piece together a different feeling, lively and eclectic grid, suitable for monochrome suits with plain suits.
 [Random blocks of color]
This tie will use a variety of colors with bold, constitute another obvious color. More than three colors (red, yellow, blue) color patches mix together, or use different shape pattern, quite selfstyle. And some simple color and pattern tie, the use of blocks of color and even ribbon is very bold and imaginative design, color combination of several plain or collision, forthright and generous men may be more like the exaggerated. Boring colors can not wear the suit and accompanied by such a tie, perhaps, the entire suit all of a sudden a lively beat. Coarse grain lines substantially with pencil stripe is the same as the shape, the type of substituted pencil thin line pattern is similar crayons or chalk lines. The full use of fun lines change, the most prominent in a suit and tie. In recent years, the use of silk stripes of different natural characteristics, the original pure color tie also sprung up everywhere, smooth, thick lines, thin lines striped collar full of courage is more suitable for young men as well as calm and sophistication of middle-aged men wearing.
 [The ivy pattern]
the socalled Ivy pattern is basically with a strong academic style pattern color, but similar in the two different blocks of color in blocks of color on connection with the use of the more attractive of the distinctive thin line match. Called this tie "CYL pattern". Whether it is a universitystyle "Ivy" or follow the the "CYL pattern" used to identify groups. Such tie with a clear the group identification taste, different colleges, different corps, or different groups, you can use this pattern. Pattern replacement or a scene depicting are these tie features. Seems to be particularly such as the meaning of the tie, once you wear, like a sign to prove your identity or knowledge.
Hope you read above to introduce you to some of the knowledge of the floral tie, the majority of men in the future be able to find for a unique flower tie, so that you can show their good taste.





From suits, ties only accessories, but if the match is wrong will be giving the impression of a lack of overall sense and sense of harmony. Tie color, style and selfcontained connotations are very worthy men to be treated carefully. A lot of men tend to be the strong suit tie in the selection of tie doubts about, in fact, a flower tie better reflect a person's taste and selfconfidence. See the following text, I hope you can find a suitable flower tie.


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