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Do you know the common sense of the tie?

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Presumably a reference to the tie, we can say that no one I do not know, ah, but the tie common sense how many people know? You know how much?

 1. The type of tie:

Tie varieties can be divided into colored tie printing tie jacquard tie and woven tie In addition, hand-painted ties and embroidered tie is regarded as treasures.  

2 . Tie style:

Width variations commonly used width of 8-9 cm up to 12 cm wide, narrow 5-7 cm, in our country, men's tie 8-8.5 cm wide, 7 Women's tie - 8 cm, this change often with the suit collar and shirt collar width variation changes the suit and shirt collar wider, the width of the tie will be widened.

3. Tie pattern:

 Many flowers, but common can be grouped into five categories.

 Stripes: the pattern of performance as an ulterior left to right, the spacing of 0.5-1 inch stripes tie pattern, serious and dignified, commonly used in formal occasions.

Vegetarian implementation class: vegetarian no flowers, only to reveal fabric qualities, with Blue green monochrome suit and matching, it is a sense of solemn majesty, adapted to suit uniforms accessories.

The spatial pattern categories: diffuse pattern. Flowers around the left isometric blank, the most suitable for hiking or friends.

Plate-like pattern class: tie mimicking the folded turban, although a wide range of applicability, but the fly in the ointment is too rigid.

Paisley: Paisley Scotland a fabric known city, the patterns of their products with local characteristics, do swirling pattern, it is particularly lively and festive.
4 Tie selection:
Selection of tie to the attention of the same suit. Match the color of the shirt, the tie suits and shirts constitute a three-dimensional sense of strong suit some apparel critics cite four basic color, ties and shirts suit order as:

1. concentrated in short light blue suit, ultramarine blue shirt, coupled with Prussian blue tie, quiet and elegant, the performance of a person's calm and steady temperament.

 2. short. Concentrated. Contrary to the above, dark suit over to the light-colored band by becoming light both levels, there are rhythm, such as brown tie. Performance of a person's calm and steady temperament, the brown tie, brown solid shirt, maroon suit, seamless, strong and simple.

 3. short. Concentrated light dark shirt and light-colored tie and light-colored suit echoes abroad called "sandwich", the language is witty, but it vividly illustrates the "shallow folder deep color features.

 4. concentrated short concentrated, such as cyanosis (purple tone muddy blue) suit, coupled with concentration cyanosis tie , in contrast with the gray shirt, Chinese but not floating, elegant character, is the common color of the middle-aged.    

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