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Teach you the recipe for the shirt and tie with the law "

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    For many office workers, a suit, shirt and tie seems to be dressed in costumes for a standard, but if you think being a white-collar workers a part of you, only white shirts only alternative, then you wear too somewhat dull. Perhaps you do not need to wear a suit every day to work, but in a limited budget and keep the taste of first principle, the office workers may wish to prepare a few pieces of different colors with the color of the shirt and tie, for replacement, so the daily wearing full changes.

1. Tie shirt hyun color tie + white shirt
Complement the complex color or pattern tie and white shirt, this match will neither feel too exaggerated and can display the wearer's unique taste.

2. Tie shirt with pattern
To put it simply, is striped with stripes, checkered with checkered, dots with dots. Although different geometric patterns clash sometimes produce unexpected visual effects, but if you want to ensure that no errors being a joke, or to follow this rule.

 3. Look at the shirt fabric election tie
The tie is mostly made of pure silk, but with different shirt tie will be a plus for the overall image, select a different thickness. For example, if a cotton shirt, it is best to bow tie played crisp, the fabric thickness that is more appropriate. But if silk shirt (pictured), it may wish to select the thin fabric tie with bow tie slightly loose, seamless silk shirt.

Brooks Brothers white shirt, dark blue square checkered tie

Men wearing simple white shirt preferred, coupled with a square pattern tie, overall it will not be monotonous, tie pattern with change, even if it is a plain white shirt, can not the same visual effects.

2. Ermenegildo Zegna water blue shirt, twill tie

Blue shirt many men love the style, the collapse of many serious atmosphere through the softer color processing, a touch of light blue comfortable tone; with a twill tie of the same color, simple will be able to express the grade of first principles.

3. Emporio Armani gray shirt, box checkered tie

Neutral gray tone key players, one of the men shirts, through the color of the law-abiding, will be able to demonstrate your professionalism; tie with a box pattern, the rich will be able to create simple wearing expressions.

4. Strellson brown shirt box Plaid tie

    Earth tones of coffee in recent years, the color of the popular favor, through the same color tie with the performance of male fashion attitude should easily show a distinct taste with other people.

5. BOSS Hugo Boss camel striped shirt, blue checkered tie

In addition to the plain shirt, striped shirt office workers quite worthy of reference style. Stripes modification also has the effect of elongated body shape, camel pinstripe shirt and blue checkered tie contrast, but also help to highlight your style of dress.

6. Canali white blue striped shirt, twill tie

Through the reorganization of the stripes, arranged in the same color with the striped shirt is actually one of the men most in need of investment in a single product. Without the monotony of the plain shirt, but add more one can see, I believe you will not hear the men's shirt is immutable?

7. Gieves & Hawkes blue striped shirt, twill tie

Fine as the stripes of the tip of a pencil, a steady and comfortable blue tone, coupled with a contrast pink tie is bold with, but never lost the taste, and guaranteed to make you become the focus of envy of the Office of the men and women.

8. dunhill light blue checkered shirt, twill tie

Rules arranged plaid shirt is the style that many working men are afraid of contact. In fact, as long as the color and the arrangement seems stable, you need not worry too much. Plaid shirt with twill tie on a contrasting color, show your extraordinary and unique vision, surely been confident men like.

9. Cerruti Houndstooth shirts, twill tie

Houndstooth is thin retro preferred young, vibrant colors Houndstooth produce a more lively sense of the times, with a twill tie of the same color will not seem too exaggerated, but even more vigor full.

10. Lanvin blue checkered shirt, twilltie

    Tiny and rules Plaid with light blue tone shirt with a relatively simple but elegant twill tie, to produce a harmonious temperament, with one, the overall status male reference yet elegant and gentlemanly demeanor.

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