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The choice with Uniform suit, tie, shirt

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Uniform suit

Generally preferred dark suit in the formal occasions (such as black, dark blue, dark gray), followed by gray, brown and hidden Article. Young people if you want to easily leisure then, may be considered to choose a light color, such as beige, light gray, striped, checkered or single-piece blouses with; Even a dark suit, as long as the appropriate accessories can also be demonstrated relaxed atmosphere, such as coupled with a vibrant pattern tie, wearing striped, plaid shirt do not even tie etc..

The first piece of advice is: leadership and business activities should always tie because the tie is a symbol of "respect, trust, culture. Secondly, we should appropriately chosen tie. The length, the width of the tie have some stress, but the materials and colors, the style is the most important. More formal and advanced business activities should not wear chemical fiber and rough work, tie thin materials.
Must tie color: generally available in blue, brown, maroon and gray tie; summer must be ready to light gray and white tie. Second, should be equipped with a deep background stripes, dots and more regular pattern tie.
Matching tie of principle: should coat the same color or the same color composition, so that is more harmonious, decent, dignified. Course, in contrast with the coat color, feeling young, lively and some.
Tricks can be used with more complex and changeable tie with a tie, a few suggestions: (1) simple shirt color or pattern. fancy shirts, fit with a simple style monochrome tie. ③ like change, you can choose a plaid shirt with dot tie, striped shirt with a patterned tie, as well as two different plaid pattern tie shirt to match, is a good choice. tricks and lively patterns, selectable with the casual sports shirt.



Generally preferred international white, light blue, blue monochrome shirt; white stripes or plaid shirt, seemed relaxed, strong business sense of this shirt; dark shirt and pattern shirts are generally not suitable for informal activities and senior businessactivity. Only short-sleeved shirt in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere or young party to use such shirts; the horoscopes collar shirt collar greater than atmospheric, pointed collar is more delicate, popular at the time but it depends on what kind of collar; suitable for middle and lower classes wear, the middle and upper classes always choose a long-sleeved shirt.


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