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Silk ties can be washed it?

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Silk tie by wearing fabric made​​. If ink, coffee or juice stained silk tie, is difficult to wash away those stains, often they will permanently stay in the silk tie. Can wash away the stains, the cleaning process will damage the silk tie, affect its appearance, this is particularly evident in the silk tie, initial care should be taken to protect silk tie, avoid juice dirtied it.

Unfortunately soiled silk tie, you can use a paper towel or handkerchief stains on the juice dry. Always remember not to wipe those stains, because it will expand the scope of the stains. Forward you can try to use a wet towel to gently wipe the smudges and see if we can clear it with a hair dryer to dry after towel wet. Note not to get too close to the silk tie, due to high temperatures will damage the fabric hair dryer.

If the above method is unsuccessful, you can try to hand wash silk tie with water.

Washed with water or cause silk tie contraction.
Never silk tie on the washing machine in the wash to avoid deformation of the silk tie.

First smudge immersed in water, and hand graze stains. To use detergent, make sure it's mild, and the first in the back of the silk tie (or silk tie not see) try to see whether it will wash out the color of the silk tie or damage fabric.

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