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Different body silk scarves with the law

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 If the body is moderate, fair complexion, slender neck, suitable for wearing colorful silk scarves, such as pink, lake blue, bright yellow, rose red and so on. Flowers pattern selectable large flowers, large plaid, loose-point, or the combination of abstract blocks of color stitching can. This will make you look more vibrant, wise, able.

Some slightly plump, long neck, great care should be wearing scarves. Wear a turtleneck sweater, with a pastel-colored, small floral shaped scarf would be suitable for her; wear high-necked sweater, not with the small square, with a long scarf hanging down to his chest better. Do not choose the color is too bright to choose low purity purple, deep the gems blue, dark green, brown.

Slim young women can choose have tension orange, lemon yellow, green fruit, jump in the crowd, striking role.

Yellowish skin color women should avoid the purple and yellow, you can choose milk white, blue lake, green scarf, make his face more pale and in the backdrop of the scarves.

Some women face than fat, you can choose the type of scarf wearing thin stripes or flowers, avoid large scarf spend large grid. Colors to choose dark green, dark blue, black, brown, eggplant purple.

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