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Silk tie in the men's role

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Silk tie in the men play a decorative role, although special skills, only embellishment suit shirt, but sometimes men but had to do it add some material, say beauty or used to fix the tie worth mentioning tie pins and tie rods these seemingly leftover decorations, some men's hearts.

Decorations can be used to a man who was originally the pickings are slim, the silk tie called one of the large, and doing very well in the Men history can be traced back to the 17th century, with the suit and made his fortune in military uniform. So important decorations, the role of natural can not be ignored, so to speak, a suit elegant, excellent texture of silk neckties enough men to deal with the basic shape of the suit. However, even if most of the men would meet the basic modeling, there are always a handful of children fashion "instability" molecules, like tinkering tinkering with cufflinks, pocket towel, tie clips, etc. These "gadgets" on Men mix of decorative excellence, relentless pursuit. So, whether it is because of the smug, or added to the decorations on top of the small objects in order to allow the position of the tie placed more stable and beautiful, tie clips, tie pins and tie rods, these may seem redundant, have come into being. In fact, as long as the embellishment properly, "superfluous" will be able to produce the effect of a finishing touch.

The tie accessories also practicality
Indeed, usually playing silk tie without any accessories, and some even think to walk tie sway in the wind, to make a man look more handsome, but sometimes casual elegant "would you work or action causing distress, that in respect of the tie accessories debut. Say, tie accessories tie, followed by the decorative. The common silk tie accessories tie clips, tie pins, tie rods, decorative position of the same, but it is not the same stage debut, one can only choose to fix your tie. The choice of these accessories are also some stress, and generally should consider metal texture, and plain better shape and pattern should be elegant, simple, so as to complement each other and suit modeling.

This exposed outside in the suit, tie clip wearing does not fit the rules, but if you are a concave shape is another matter.
The tie clip is fixed to tie on the shirt, some people use it to grip tie it with the silk tie wind sway, move completely wrong. The correct position to wear a tie clip, shirt from down the number of the fourth grain and between the fifth-grain buttons, blazer buttons department should avoid exposed.

The tie pin is common in morning dress tie decoration.
Tie needle role is to do to tie a shirt on, and play a certain role in the decoration and styling. Tie one end of the needle is patterned tie should be in addition to the other end of a fine chain, should be hidden in the back of the tie to avoid exposure. Use, should not the shirt from the top down the number the third particle tie at the center of the buttons, wear silk tie up slightly arched, tie look shape more plump and beautiful.

The tie rods are often cited as a shirt collar chic decor designer.
The tie rods are often used with button collar shirt to wear through the buttonhole on the collar and tie, and the tie knot fixed on the shirt collar. Appropriate to use the tie rods, make the tie in a formal setting is both elegant and reduce trouble.

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