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Silk scarf-line according to the face

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The women are generally Italian silk scarves, accompanied by an appropriate silk scarf for your beautiful points. When you fancy a silk scarf, the first thing to do is to close to the face, take a look at whether the match with his face. If you do not deserve to face, do not hesitate to give up immediately. Anyway good silk scarves, and clothing do not match, it will only vain occupy your closet space. To clear their own purposes, want to dress to match, with the office or want to show their presence at the dinner. If there is enough room for the selection, also consider lipstick color, belt or purse with trinkets.
To the Department of Law of the silk scarf according to their face:
● round face
Handsomely face to get the contours of the face seems refreshing, the key is to silk scarf drooping part stretched as far as possible, emphasizing the longitudinal sense and pay attention to maintaining the integrity of vertical lines from head to foot, as far as possible Do not interrupt. Jihua knot, select the binding method for personal style, diamond knot, diamond-shaped flowers, roses, heart-shaped knot, cross knot, Wai Department to avoid overlap in the neck, over the lateral and hierarchical texture too knot.
● long face
Commence around the lateral line system can show a hazy sense of elegant collar, and weakened face longer feel as the lily knot necklace knot, double-headed knot. Can also be silk scarf I turn into a little thicker rod, Department of the bow-shaped, not around too tight, try to make a silk scarf drooping naturally, rendering a hazy feeling.
● inverted triangle face
Gradually narrowed the width of the face from the forehead to the lower jaw, inverted triangle face, giving a stern impression and facial monotonous feeling. Binding styles available silk scarf neck full of layering to a luxurious, there will be good results. Such as leafy rosette necklace knot, blue and white knot. Attention to reduce the number of silk scarves around the triangular portion of the drooping as natural as possible to start to avoid confining system was too tight, and focus on the bow of the horizontal layering.
● square face
Wide cheeks, forehead, jaw width and the length of the face essentially the same square face, easy to give to a lack of tender feeling. Try to make it around the neck line of silk scarves cleanly and played some layering knot in the chest, adding to the clean lines of the coat, the interpretation of the noble temperament.


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