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Groom how to pick a tie

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The groom need tie decorated, does not mean casually ran boutiques can buy a tie. Understand the mix, and the selection of the knowledge of the tie, to let you wear more decent.

A tie label
Choose a fine tie, there is a very high demand on the fabric. If the tie is not particularly familiar with the groom have to pay attention to see the tie fabric on raw materials, materials and Maintenance Guide. This is above the standard is often introduced tie some basic information, such as tie fabrics, venues, etc., by reading labels can help you understand the material and grade of the tie. Tie and different from the bride's wedding dress is not disposable consumer goods, in future work life can also be used, so do not forget to pay attention to the day-to-day care of the tie Notes, tie long kept tidy.
Second, the details of the tie
The tie details of production is fine, and also determines the quality of the tie. With particular attention to the front piece of lining, tie, dark stitching. The lining is the heart of the tie, good lining can tie plus points, the lining of the only high-quality, in order to ensure a high quality tie; the tie cut standard forty-five degrees to tie to maintain the best drape so selected must not be ignored; cravat and dark stitching neckties contact from the plane of the fabric as a whole, and maintains the elasticity of the bow tie, the tie will be of high quality uniform with a needle and thread, length appropriate dark stitches.
Third, the bow tie shape
The general tie width of 8.5 cm and 9.0 cm, and the common 9.3 cm. Tie shape selection can be selected based on the style of dress of the groom wedding day. If you are wearing a more serious and formal, it is best to choose in the 9.0 cm width tie. Young groom feel too formal to wear very dull, want to choose leisure dress, you can choose to tie width of 8.5 cm. In addition to the shape of the tie had more important tie suit dress and groom whole match.
Fourth, the tie suit
Tie suit dress shirts and groom's face temperament. Such as facial contours more distinct and groom can choose the background color and pattern color contrasting tie can highlight the temperament of the man of the groom; features softer groom can choose irregular pattern or thickness and white striped tie, highlighting the unique groom's taste . Mix with the dress on, wearing dark blue, dark green suit, you can wear white, light gray, butter yellow shirt, suitable for wearing orange, creamy white, light blue, rose-colored tie, can give people a deep, subtle beauty; wear brown suits, you can wear white, light gray, silver shirt, suitable for wearing gray, butter yellow, orange, green tie, will show a delicate and elegant demeanor; wear black, brown suit, white, light The light-colored shirt, suitable for wearing silver-gray, white, blue, white and red stripes or blue-black striped tie, it will look more dignified and generous.

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