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What fabric tie most suitable?

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       In the men clothing US pursuit, the tie can be described as an important manifestation of the grade. A know how to decorate their own man, selection and matching tie not only embodies his unique aesthetic pursuit, even around others of its identity, status, credit, and the ability of perception.

        The clothing experts believe that, first of all, a man's tie is generally not too long or too short, the appropriate length, should be the tip of the tie just touching the belt buckle, no more and no less. Tie the length of many types, better tie often longer standard length is 55 inches or 56 inches (139.70cm 142.24cm). The width of the tie is also very important, although no definite rules in this regard, but basically the width of the tie should be in harmony with the suit lapel width tie. Currently, the standard collar bandwidth wide tie at the end of 4 to 4.5 inches (about 10.16cm to 11.43 cm).

The tie is the most common and most practical kind of style, that is, there is no pattern or design monochrome tie. A monochrome tie, to match with any style of suit or shirt. An expensive and workmanship and good quality, suit, together with a monochrome tie, more emphasis on beautiful material and exquisite tailoring, gives to the whole United States. In addition, printed with the balanced geometric patterns tie is widespread, with a monochrome tie, versatile, and very good with clothes. In the mix, you should choose the same suit and shirt color. For example, the navy blue background, the white pips pattern tie, should be accompanied by a white shirt, suit and royal blue tie background must be selected. Flower shirt is best to avoid the rules patterned tie, the tie pattern, would undermine the overall pattern order. Usually patterned, colored shirt color, not suitable coupled with a conservative tie.

The best material is silk tie, because its color is bright but not dazzling. This tie almost independent, human limitations. Similar to silk multi lipid, or plural fat silk mix, due to its stiffness than silk ties, silk tie gorgeous sense, durable and cheaper than the former, are also popular. Rayon tie general new looks gorgeous, the use of several easily deformed, with a period of time can be discarded. Some tie the choice of materials is poor, washing patterns, colors tend to outside penetration, intertwined with each other, so wear a tie most should avoid exposing the stained material.

Tie off his best hung to the shelves, it naturally ventilated stretch blow dry sweat. Tie the best to the laundry needs cleaning, dry cleaning, do not throw it into the washing machine stir wash. Local dirt can be washed or scouring oil wipe, then dry, iron dry.
Tie for the section, but it will change the overall image of a man, therefore, choose a tie is very important.

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