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Women and Scarves

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 I believe a lot of people are aware of the importance of scarves for women! Here from four aspects, and to share the benefits of the scarves for women. I believe that everyone understand the the scarves culture there will be some reference Oh!

1, the functional

Highly functional as accessories, scarves, so make good use of scarves that can serve several purposes: long become a heavy burden on business travel makes suitcase. With several scarves, with different packages, designed with the program will receive a different effect. Course, the Department of Law of the scarf dress effect plays a big role, attend the Dinner Banquet, elongated scarf WJItife ride on his shoulders, to create a flowing and elegant temperament; business occasions, of course, simple and neat bow basket for fruits and chain knot most able to give people the feeling •

2. Convenience

In a drawer some scarves may well be a good way to facilitate the work of life, to encounter no time to prepare the activities, a clever mix of scarves make your dress style the instantaneous transformation 'of course, inspired by your bold and innovative. For example, the Department of the one end of the large square scarf in the collar, and the other end tied to the waist, is a gorgeous corset is absolutely no problem in attending the dinner and entertainment occasions.

3. Modification

Female troubles is one closet stuffed full, the total still feel not enough to wear clothes, scarves undoubtedly a solution. Selection of a variety of specifications, scarf color coordination with the Department of Law, will make the clothing the timeless and often wears often new. The neck is too thin or too chunky women, the scarf can also play a very good modification.

4, versatility:

Women will always be the creators of fashion, malleable scarf is in the hands of an indispensable tool, the use of scarves has been extended to a broader area, the waist is the pockets, to mention in his hand when handbags hanging on the wall, unique decorative painting. To make good use of the scarf, you are a landscape.

Scarf on the landscape, the more personalized, more stylish; more comfortable, more popular, and stressed that the trend of the development of the personality, scarf plays role. Allow its In recent years, the the scarf wear upload breakthrough, no longer limited to around the collar, according to the size of the different lengths of the design, or tied to his waist in the chest, or surrounded headdress ... so dignifiedhighlights bright personality. What better than scarves expression female intellectual elegant personality Nick? Elegant elegant scarf gently embellishment on the shoulders, collar, and the hairline, women inadvertently revealed to the elegant and mellow.

Below, we introduce some scarves match the general rule.

Plain clothes with plain silk scarves. Can be used the same color contrast with the law, such as the black dress with a neutral color scarf, the overall sense, but with inadvertently cause the overall color is bleak; different color contrasting colors can also be used with the law; addition to using the same color, different The mix of texture is also very coordinated.
2 plain clothes with printed fashion scarves. The most fundamental guiding principle is the scarf at least one same color and the color of the clothes.

3. Clothes and scarves have printing with color have primary or secondary. Clothes and scarves are directional printing, the printing on the scarves should be avoided and repeated printing on clothes, as well as to avoid clothes stripes, checks in one direction. Simple stripes or plaid clothes more suitable for non-directional print scarf.


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