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How to distinguish between genuine and fake silk scarf?

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Teach you how to identify silk scarves, nowadays more and more brands online scarves, silk scarves expressed under the banner of the silk scarf and most of the name, description, and trade name, but many of my friends get the goods found not silk scarves, neckties Jinfa share with everyone how to identify buy silk scarves silk scarf, so you spend a reasonable price to buy real silk scarves.

First, from the price of up to judge

The price of silk fabric is about more than doubled in the chemical fiber, silk satin; light from that point on when to buy silk scarves necessary to be very aware of the, basically there will be a few dollars, silk scarves and a few 10 silk scarf, a large part of simulation slightest towel. Generally a large square silk scarf, then at least a hundred dollars price.

Second, look at the scarf gloss

Silk absorbance performance, can not afford to look smooth mirror, elegant and soft gloss uniformity, pearly light, bright but not glaring; artificial silk shiny and bright, but not soft.

Thirdly feel, touch scarves

Real silk, hand scraping feeling. Feel soft and elegant, silk dense, there will be wrinkles with the clutch, the higher the purity, the greater the density of silk feel better;

While of simulation silk and chemical fiber fabric no scratch feel. Silk fabric after de Caine processing, feel smooth and soft, but not stiff, dark silk surface, pearl luster; synthetic fabrics shine bright, dazzling, feel more learning.

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