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How to choose a silk scarf?

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When you fancy a silk scarf, the first thing to do is to close to the face, take a look at whether the match with his face. If you are unworthy to face, do not hesitate to give up immediately. It should be noted that some silk scarf color design is impeccable, but the fit with their favorite color, there is a subtle difference. This case should be a variety of colors to do something, and then confirm with the overall atmosphere of the body and clothing from a distance, look in the mirror,. Back, and side effects can not be ignored. After then formed a silk scarf usually used the shape to try them on so you can know the style and the effect of such a pattern showing.

Anyway good silk scarves, and clothing do not match, it will only vain occupy your closet space. To clear their own purposes, want to dress to match, with the office or want to show their presence at the dinner. If there is enough room for the selection, also consider lipstick color, belt or purse with trinkets.

When you are wearing your favorite silk scarf, must be confident, do not have to worry too much, just take some thought to match, even if there is a small mistake, others will be considered to be a manifestation of your personality.

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