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How to do a shirt with a tie to an exact match?

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Usually we can mix and match our simple shirt, a little supplement mode, in order to truly complex coordination.


For some solid shirt with can easily. Light brown, soft blue and pale yellow, you can easily coordinate and patterned tie, but sometimes difficult, may appear unusual color. Try to the coordinated color may be different, but visually complement each other. For example, wearing a dark blue tie, wearing a pink shirt and yellow tie, blue shirt with French.


Your criteria (and the most important one), in order to avoid being intimidated mode. This, of course not, because they are afraid matching pattern, only takes some practice. Attempts to pattern match mode when they are not exactly the same size. Slim striped shirt to wear thick diagonal success, as long as you follow our rules striped tie!

Striped shirt

1, in order to tie your tie, look at your shirt, from very far away, and to determine the apparent color. To tie your tie, try to coordinate the colors (such as yellow and blue striped shirt and tie) and mode (such as small dots or small paisley design).
2, striped tie, wearing a striped shirt, comfortable, the stripes size is not the same. Shrewd and direction. Try vertical striped shirt wearing thick diagonal striped tie.
3, to avoid overload stripes. Do not try to match the striped shirt and striped tie striped suit. Find the obvious color your tie to select the guide in your plaid shirt plaid shirt?
4 If you are an ordinary micro plaid shirt wearer, casual shirt with the micro check tie.

Plaid shirt

Matching plaid shirt can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Try a solid tie, add a subtle color in your shirt and matching plaid shirt. For experienced matching shirt and tie, of course you can try to check your plaid shirt. Color is sure to carefully match the color. With your suit or shirt, or even your shoes, you take your tie. If you are a novice match, try to low-key colors such as pastel blue, chocolate brown, rich creams and sage greens. Do not try to match your suit, shirt, tie, and a similar pattern. It can end up overwhelming wise pattern, a bit messy. Match your tie and shirt, and have fun. This is not all about rules, but about test give you a more complex, more polished look.

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