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Comparison between the tie national standards and industry standards

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Currently, the industry standard FZ/T81011-2008 "tie" and national standards GB/T23314-2009 "tie silk tie products. The FZ/T81011-2008 "tie by the Fashion Institute of Shanghai, China General Chamber of Commerce, Textile and Garment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin), Zhe Jiang Jiayou collar barking Co., Ltd. to develop, instead of the FZ/T81011-1999" tie " . In 2009, by the Shanghai Institute of clothing, Shengzhou product quality supervision and inspection by the China Garment Association Professional Committee and part of the tie enterprises the main drafter of the national standard GB/T23314-2009 "tie" is China's first specific tie products developed standard.

The neckties product comparison of standard content

Industry standards FZ/T81011-2008 "tie" and national standards GB/T23314-2009 "tie" two standards tie products and industry norms and restrictions. In order to further study and revision of the standard of our tie, ready for further development of tie product standardization, combined with the actual situation, a detailed comparison of the two standards:

(1) standard applies to the tie as the main raw material for the production of textile woven fabrics, the scope of the national standards more explicit than the industry standard, "as the main fabric textile woven fabrics" to "as the main raw material.
(2) compared with the industry standard FZ/T81011-2008 "tie" national standards "tie" expressly provided in addition to the allowable deviation and ironing tie appearance, sewing, specifications, and a variety of styles for the first time tie name and tie the terms are clearly defined.
(3) For neckties product requirements, increased national standards project insurance deduction, neck strap, zipper, fabric loop, trademark, small band, small with a long tie knot high neckband long tie products, accessories, accessories indicators of clear requirements, such as the accessories zipper and insurance deduction, the bulk of spliced ​​not less than 70cm, the division of the color difference is more concise and clear by the deviation from the predetermined position, the position of the pattern is not greater than 0.3cm modify 0.2cm, the suture should stay at the end of the lines of possession of more than 15cm.
And (4) in order to ensure not tie the wearer's skin and respiratory system irritation, national standards, in addition to the tie fabrics formaldehyde content, pH value, color fastness, biodegradable aromatic amine and odor and other indicators to make clear that required to comply with provisions of GB18401-2010. GB for the first time raised the mandatory requirements, the silk tie disabled decomposable aromatic amine dyes.
(5) GB stressed tie finished product specifications must cm units marked to facilitate the purchase clearly understand the size of the share tie.
(6) national standards for the determination of the the tie finished product specifications and appearance quality defects defined in a more detailed and explicit, such as increasing small with a long neck strap length, tie the determination of the project. Another decision based on increased raw material quality defects, deleted accessories.

In summary, the "tie" national standards more in line with the development needs of the times, but also better protect consumers. With the promotion and implementation of the national standards will further standardize the tie production and sales of the product market, promote tie industrial transformation and upgrading.

Recommendations and outlook

(1) the proposed repeal the industry standard FZ/T81011-2008 "tie" to avoid the same time there are two standards is likely to cause confusion of the standard user.
(2) It is recommended to increase the bow tie, the tie standard range and added content, such as a silk tie definition specifications survey maps.
(3) The proposed increase in infant and children tie, the protection of children's personal safety and health, such as infants and young children should not be used to tie.

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