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Tall dwarf men how to choose a mix of clothing?

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       Built too short would not affect your personality, but often will give you more or less lives and works, in particular communicative impact. Many short, especially men's distress. In fact, short dress of the men so long as the right choice, so you can better improve your image in the eyes of others.
  Color for dress, dress from top to bottom there should be a basic tone, loading up and down contrast is not too wide, it is best to use the same color or similar colors. Clothes that can be worn inside and contrast significantly, such as wearing a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie, it is easy to obtain contrasting colors of a satisfaction, upper-body look as rich, so this left a deep impression. Different up and down but do not wear two contrasting colors of clothing, such as black pants equipped with white shirt, so the human body seems to have been divided into two paragraphs. Any kind of costume body divided into paragraphs, not because it may be fashionable and perhaps others wear looks good to wear it, it will only highlight the shortcomings of short. Tall, chubby men, generally should not wear clothing in bright colors such as red, yellow, and white, and a weak man you should choose a light color of dress.
  Style simple dress look more refreshing; cascading smacks of too many clothes are piling up; short jackets are not the ideal style, because the jacket is too short expose its fatal weakness---a short thick legs. Best for jacket length is a little over the hips, but should be slightly loose coat comes with slightly tighter pants. When wearing shirts, t-shirts, shirt into trousers should be, on the harness belt, waist line, to sense the spirit of people with competence.
  Young short men, tends to be treated as children grow, so should pay attention to using some old clothes, especially in more formal gentlemen's clothing. These clothes require the texture is good, looks simple. Pale violet bicolor West Assembly yellow shirts and the same color pants, add a high quality tie can look old and dignified.
  Grasp the details of essential for short men, clothing accessories obviously there should be a certain value, it is one of the striking aspects. Fine watches, belts, fancy ties, carry a spare pen. If her eyes, a frame should be slightly wider, to add its face. If necessary with briefcases, should carry a portable Briefcase. Belts and clothes should be color coordinated, the contrast is not too large, the belt should not be too wide. Shoe in traditional colors or better approximate spelling leather pointed shoes. Short men s you can select clothes and most people, but it should be careful not to let your dress too dull or too fancy, to note the overall clothing well-proportioned, trim fit.
  Finally, short men also have a sufficient attention to his appearance, his hair combed neatly and very clean shave beard, shiny leather shoes, always keep your shirt clean, pleasant.
       Shenzhou jinfa necktie, Ltd is a professional production of ties, scarves, bow ties and other products of export-oriented processing enterprises, products mainly include: Jacquard polyester printed Jacquard silk tie, silk ties, silk ties, print polyester ties, yarn-dyed ties and various types of scarves, bow ties, shawl, scarf, scarves, etc, please contact us!

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