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Silk scarves to hair styling

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Enduring product of silk scarves, riding this year, retro craze renewed finally able to turn Hit becomes a trend in ornaments. The street from time to time to see the girls with a silk scarf as a belt, handbag ornaments, Japanese girls and even tied it in the head to create a cute and stylish hairstyle. It is time hidden in the cabinet bottom long silk scarf find out own transfiguration Heroine beauty children!

Remember last year, the rise of the craze of wearing a headband, season headdress trend as silk scarves, silk scarves change a variety of shapes. Saw Japanese magazines, such as and so got the Model Day pot night pot proved silk scarf tied hair craze with too. This hair stylist to three basic tie method, simple and eye-catching, transfiguration silk scarves Daren!

If too only with a silk scarf too monotonous, respectively, volume two phase-contrast colors and patterns silk scarf can be twisted into a fine, showing natural, simple and whims feeling. Long hair girls can pick up hair, silk scarf tied at the head and chic while also subject bobbed hair illusion a trip image makeover.

The weather was hot, a lot of girls like long hair tied up, feeling more refreshed. Want hair more idea may wish to join coming from braided into the use of silk scarves, silk scarves to hide hair color looming, the effect is even more special. Suggested the use of the the chiffon styles of silk scarves, roll up feeling light and not cumbersome Second, color is not overly bright, silk scarves and hair fusion more naturally.

If you are an the silk scarf opera hair novice, that two variants hair demonstration is a little complicated, you can try the basic bow effect. Selection of brightly colored the rectangular silk scarves around small bun tied significantly only butterflies, and then in the next tie, simple yet lovely sense.

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