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How to choose a suitable tie?

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Great representation of the man's tie, a symbol of the pursuit of personality, social status and their personal fashion tastes. As a conservative forthright typical banker, for example, they tie always sturdy deep blue, sometimes with gray striped silk tie; or gray background blue pattern. This striped tie does not attract attention. Bankers in our minds, always tied a tie. 1980s called "power tie".
On the other hand, a number of fashion men tied them 300 $ custom tie divergence passionate life attitude. Them the spun silk tie drawn the most dazzling of the most popular, the most fashionable styles, from the latest wave of the hands of the designer. The owner of this tie is less conservative people often, such as artists, actors, engaged in clothing or fashion sensitive to the average person. The always trendy outward Department with the latest styles.
Combination of color, size, style, three, you will choose what kind of tie it?
- Secure choice
Every man should have a deep discreet tone tie in the day-to-day wardrobe, such as dark blue, burgundy, gray. White shirt, dark tie is a mix of the classic will never be outdated. Such a tie is a worthwhile purchase, everyday wear, and can also replace the bow tie to wear to attend important party.
- Fashion combination
Heavy deep tie is always very solemn and elegant, especially high-quality pure silk when texture. Burgundy, red, gray brick is more rugged. If you like a more fashionable, "high-tech" light gray and black good. With a well-made suit shoes, shirts with the same hue, will have a very rich mix of styles.
If you have this popular tie colors, sure to guarantee high quality, because quality can not remain tied after hanging flat, you will be lost due to tie the folds reliable solid men's appearance.
- Biaoxin dare
If you really want to create something new, you can buy a pink or lilac tie. Most people tie bar on the look and feel will be a bit spent, but if the match with shoes and clothes appropriate, can serve as a highlight outgoing personality means of expression, often even break the silence topic.
The only thing I can guarantee is so that there will be very high retention rates. This tie you to determine your daily wardrobe, there are many "ordinary tie when to buy. You can not every day the Department of flash that changed fashion trends. However, an old friend, if you want to keep a little bit different, it is necessary to spend a little more of.
- Style
If you have only a very few tie, you should not buy more eccentric style, on the contrary, should be more to buy a few quaint simple or twill style. Mainly to see you are conservative or extroverted, tie to suit your taste. Miscellaneous flower style at the negotiating environment is not ideal, you do not tie a pink tie to attend the funeral. Try to buy good adaptability tie to match your existing clothes and shoes. Of course, depending on your economic situation. If you like the wear classical style clothing, is not recommended to buy animals and cartoon necktie, they will soon become obsolete look tacky. But then again, if your taste outgoing, and have the right clothes and shoes with, even if the Department of a Mickey Mouse or spider tie, will still be recognized as the clothes people.
- Tie taboo
The real taboo Is like slim noodles or Leather the corduroy Products ---- cowboy style. Unless you call "damn. Chatter does not die of thirst", you live in Tennessee, calf all the time wearing a hat to wear calf boots. Routine, I suggest that the same money, you have to value the quality rather than quantity. The high quality of something worth paying more money, a proper investment.
- Length Width
Discuss the basic color and style, we now look at size. In general, the more appropriate width of 3 feet, the width of the range of the general trends will not be eliminated. Standard tie between 52-58 feet in length, different brands and styles slightly different length. If you are particularly high, and had to be customized.
You pay for
The price is usually very good quality benchmarks. If it is high-quality the tie silk waste, feel plump and soft. Do not buy inferior folds tie!
Quality tie fabric central cut, knotted strong sagging sense if bending the cut properly, not to buy. Purchase tie can not be too mean, to be willing to spend money on fashion and quality, because good tie make you look great, you will be confident!

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