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One of the leading neckwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shengzhou Jinfa Necktie Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and customizing competitive and quality neckwear products either OEM-based or self-branded, including Jacquard or woven, yarn dyed or printed silk or polyester neckties, scarves, shawls, stoles and bow ties, etc. more>>

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Shengzhou neckties novelty development

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Shengzhou necktie industry since 1984, starting from small to large, currently has a tie-woven more than 1,300 enterprises, with an annual output of more than 300 million neckties, accounting for 90% of the national tie production, 50% of the global annual sales value of over 10 billion yuan output ranked first in the world. Has been Shengzhou necktie industry are taking the amount of pride in the development model, puerile also become a magic Shengzhou necktie industry.

However, large thin profits has many tie enterprises sore spot, Shengzhou neckties industry one of the biggest confusion. The Barbados Group Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest tie production enterprise in Shengzhou, interview, Jin-yao, chairman Shengzhou necktie industry is now needed is to enhance the quality, because development mode, earn more for intermediate links processing fees, and in the entire chain profits, the profits of the processing sectors accounted for only 10%. Therefore, even if the annual production of 500 million ties, the Shengzhou many the tie enterprises can share the profits actually just drizzle.
According to the tie city management office Director Qiu Huajun, the past two years, wages have gone up, raw materials rose itself thin profits Shengzhou necktie industry more in unprofitable situation.
More people in the industry think that the reason why, Shengzhou necktie industry in the current predicament, there is a biggest reason is the lack of international pricing. Interview, many business users, Shengzhou although there are several large-scale tie-production enterprise, but a truly the international pricing influential brand and no, mostly to go on behalf of the processing route.
Shengzhou Necktie Industry Association Zhou Qingyu, before Shengzhou necktie industry can not control costs, does not belong to yourself you can control the raw materials market and base, he said, Shengzhou neckties industry years with silk amount of more than 7000 tons and the local production of silk but only 250 tons, raw materials, dependence on foreign, the price of a "trouble", will cause a very big impact to tie enterprises.
Development: the transformation and upgrading open up a new "Silk Road"
Shengzhou Necktie Industry Association, the reporter saw a thick wad of Shengzhou necktie industry upgrade plan ", Zhou Qingyu said, This is now Shengzhou neckties to go the" New Silk Road ".
The reporter saw many projects nouns and numbers is the amount of investment in this program in the future relating to Shengzhou necktie industry. Zhou Qingyu, Shengzhou necktie industry transformation and upgrading, the key is to extend the industrial chain. But aspects of the industry chain relates a lot of technical inputs, product development, trading platform extension, raw material storage and production, logistics and distribution, personnel training, and a series of links, Shengzhou enterprises are the urgent need to change the key.
This reporter has learned, elongated Shengzhou neckties industry chain, tie woven enterprises simply summarized as "stretching upward, downward expanding upward stretch is to develop a professional logistics company, Shengzhou necktie industry assume upstream business, as by the Group of Barbados, Medina Lang Group 6 joint investment of 500 million yuan Shengzhou neckties Logistics Co., Ltd., and by good days tie dress, tie dress billion of six companies set up a joint investment of $ 150 million yuan in Zhejiang the Zhengtong Logistics Co., Ltd. was officially established, named "logistics company", but these companies bear tie enterprises in Shengzhou "outside Tinto base, raw material procurement, printing and dyeing, hit line" four-in-one integrated responsibility. Another, such as Shengzhou tie Logistics Co., Ltd. Jin-yao, chairman traveled to Sichuan, and local government to discuss the establishment of silkworm production base matters is to enhance own ability to control raw materials and with the relevant counties of Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces agreement, locally developed 98 mu silkworm production base.
Zhou Qingyu said: "The establishment of these silkworm base, the solution is not only a problem limited tie enterprises in Shengzhou silk, also silk can solve the storage problem, to avoid the cost fluctuations. Addition, the establishment of the silkworm base can also ensure that local with silk on the basis of the field of silk, the silk big city transformed as silk-producing big city. "his discourse is full of emotion," Shengzhou neckties industry upstream extends in fact, is the control of raw materials 'discourse rights', while this down expand laid a solid foundation, because the only way many tie enterprises in order to concentrate on good tie product development and upgrade work. "
According to reports, many tie enterprises in Shengzhou has transformed itself to start a silk industry, silk home textiles, silk dress has become the numerous tie producers to expand the new direction. Analysis of the industry, the transfer from the tie to the silk industry, have a natural advantage in Shengzhou, First of silk textile, fabric and tie they are jacquard products, technology, equipment, design interlinked high, customers coincidence. Followed by 60% of the world's most advanced computer jacquard looms in Shengzhou, production internationally popular high-grade silk jacquard fabrics the many tie enterprises in Shengzhou advantage.
And change: network platform derived new opportunities
Interview, the Internet sales giant - Alibaba Shengzhou necktie industry insiders mentioned. According to reports in Shengzhou necktie industry transformation and upgrading of the investment plan, the total amount of investment in e-commerce upgrade platform 48 million yuan, of which there are 10 million yuan investment in Alibaba. Qiu Huajun tie enterprises in Shengzhou, in support of the Government, is to develop road network marketing, and many of them a leader in network marketing.
Chen, returned overseas students from the United Kingdom in 2006, is to use their own expertise, after several years of efforts, the development of Zhejiang Karl Necktie & Garment Co., Ltd. Shengzhou necktie industry e-commerce demonstration enterprises. It is reported that Zhejiang Karl Necktie & Garment Co. obtained through e-commerce orders already account for more than one-third of all the orders of the enterprise.
Chen phase is a second-generation successor, in 2007, a chance, CHEN Xiang decided to listen to the lectures of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, she came from Shengzhou car rushed to Hangzhou. It is such a lecture, Chen, has a new development direction, that is, e-commerce, came back, Chen joined Alibaba phase Shengzhou necktie industry precedent. Opened the e-commerce, Chen, the computer all day, my father once questioned its practices, however, Chen phase still insist on doing e-commerce, she thinks, although the beginning of the use of Internet sales, orders the effect is not obvious, but the impact of the enterprise The force is greatly enhanced.
As time goes on, more and more customers through the network learned that Carl tie, followed by a picture of the orders. Chen phase customers through the network to establish a stable relationship. The 2008 financial crisis severely affected Shengzhou necktie industry, many enterprises export volume suddenly reduced to 50% in such strong oppression, for Carl tie small. CHEN Xiang told reporters: "that a financial crisis is a big blow for the Shengzhou necktie industry, many businesses have closed, more enterprise exports dropped significantly, and for our company, the impact of the financial crisis almost feel our orders quite stable are those established regular clients on the network. "
Continuity: The talent pool hidden "Accumulate"
Enterprise development, training of personnel is essential, in this regard, Shengzhou out the full 30 million yuan personnel training gold form tie school free culture tie practitioners, these have become Shengzhou neckties hidden advantages.
Into Shengzhou Vocational Education Center, the of clothing tie design process professional students are on campus training base for practice operation. According to school Principal Chang, the majors are "hot demand" the many neckties enterprise recruiting talent, because through the school years of professional training and practical, these students have a tie creation, design, development of a comprehensive The ability to tie enterprise development essential reserve personnel.
According to reports, the apparel training base, Shengzhou Vocational Education Center, has also won the 240 million Central special funds, to become the first national training base Shengzhou vocational schools, training students while studying here side monthly You can also get the internship subsidy of 700 yuan. The school's dress professional garment textile professional cooperation with the College of Shaoxing, build Shengzhou Branch. This will allow Shengzhou neckties personnel training and embarked on a new level.
Adult education centers in Shengzhou public exchange teaching point, Chiu Professor trainees tie cutting, sewing, ironing. She told reporters that the training here is the government foot the bill, no one can come to learn, learn factories, also can set themselves up as a tie-generation processing point, Shengzhou business direction.
Left Shengzhou, the reporter saw huge the tie shape Chengdiao standing in the middle of the city, has been a little old, but still very bright in the sunlight, which as Shengzhou necktie industry, even if it is a bit hobbled, but still sunny .

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