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Department of the tight tie not

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The study confirmed, silk tie fastened at the neck and Adam's apple is apt to cause open-angle glaucoma, this tie too tight, the oppression of the neck veins, affect blood circulation, leading to more blood rushing to the eye, causing the IOP rise. Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is one of the the glaucoma main pathogenic factors. Clinical tests have shown that the tie three minutes after the intraocular pressure may be increased by 20%. If a person in everyday life tie often committed by very tight, the persistent high intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma, caused by optic nerve, retinal damage, even blindness. Men should be wary of the tie bar tight grip and fairly thick neck suffered long-term damage to the optic nerve.

On the other hand, the tie too tight will be oppressed carotid artery and nerve, hinder the body's normal blood circulation, resulting in brain ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in normal nutrient supply is limited, involving the optic nerve and oculomotor thus appear swollen eyes to see things vague symptoms. Tie too tight neck vein compression, eye venous blood can not be a smooth return to the heart, stasis both affect vision in the eye tissue, also cause eye swelling and discomfort.
In addition, the tie too tight also easily lead to "collar syndrome, medically known as carotid sinus syndrome. Common cause of such symptoms is high collar or tie too tight compression of the carotid sinus, showing a sudden dizzy, weakness, tinnitus, blackouts, chest tightness, and other symptoms, severe syncope, pale, and unconsciousness. . The above symptoms may disappear within a few seconds and quickly returned to normal in a longer period of time, can also be unconscious.
Therefore, the experts warned the Department of the silk tie, not to tie too tight, wear a costume collar button should pay attention not too tight. Should allow the neck to the appropriate degree of freedom, in order to effectively protect the eyes.

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