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How to prevent and remove wrinkles on a tie?

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For those of us who tie, learn how to deal with wrinkles on a polyester tie can be said to be one of the most important things, wrinkles tie is worn, wear such ties will undermine your professional image.
How to prevent the emergence tie wrinkles
Prevention is better than cure, it should strive to avoid wrinkles in the tie at the start, rather than when the wrinkles appear to handle, follow these recommendations can help to prevent wrinkles in the tie:
Not knot tie too tight.
Recorded immediately after use untie the tie knot or tie will receive permanent wrinkles. (Unfortunately, many people do not follow this recommendation, untied they never tie knots, they will pull down the collar tie knot and then put it away from your neck, tie directly back into the neck the next day. )
Travel into a tie when volume, put in the suitcase, don't let other things puts it too tightly, you may wish to consider purchasing a tie box.
How to remove tie lines on
Even if you follow the above suggestions, you will find that your ties will remain after you are finished using some minor wrinkles, following these suggestions may help you get rid of wrinkles on the tie:
Hanging ties can make the most of the slight wrinkles disappear for some time.
If the above suggestions fail to remove wrinkles, you can try to roll into a roll and tie out wrinkles in the process, and then tie in full volume on a flat surface (such as tables) for a period of time, then hoisted it for some time, it should be able to get rid of wrinkles on the tie.

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