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Diagonal striped silk Polyester tie

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Silk ties can often represent professional men's clothing taste, from the popular point of view the necktie change of each season, in fact, is not quite obvious, generally speaking tie is only the clothing on the supporting role, significantly less designer will be published at the meeting Focus was placed on top of the tie.

However, the majority of men tie should know addition Gyrosigma printing, material, or seasonal certain special style changes, from the type of view in recent years almost all maintain the same wide, about 9-10 centimeters straight tie. (Traditional bottle neck and half a bottle of collar style, but in recent years has been quite rare)

Because the tie is the fall men's upper body clothing triangular important zone suits it regarded only accessories, but if this accessory with selected wrong with your tastes image came out of the greatly reduced and a lack of overall. Many users have asked a question is buy decent tie to the other side to pick what kind of tie is more suitable for a variety of suits, or for various occasions? The following will introduce you to the faded in popularity, or diagonal striped tie shall also quite popular this year:

Pencil stripes

Just as the literal meaning of "pencil stripes tie is a diagonal stripes just like in a plain cloth surface the general pencil lines drawn by a slash at regular intervals. According to the interval can be divided into narrow stripes and stripes pattern.

Coarse grain stripes

Substantially pencil stripes is almost the same shape, different is a thin line pattern of the pencil like crayons or chalk lines replaced. Such full advantage of the the fun stripes change, most highlights in the tie.

Block stripe pattern

The two-color stripes woven out its exactly the same intervals, somewhat similar to the massive changes we call it "massive striped tie, such tie is often used in the dress in

Double stripe pattern

The first two finer same wide stripes close together, and then shop the lines printed in monochrome cloth surface, the so-called "double-stripe pattern tie.

The cohomology slash pattern

This tie will use about three similar color next to each other at the same wide phase composed. Two stripes of the same color to catch a contrasting color, or use shades of the same color change is also quite common.

Ivy pattern

The so-called Ivy pattern basically is with a strong academic style pattern color, that is, two different but similar blocks of color, distinctive thin line with convergence at the use of arms in color blocks. Person tie for "CYL pattern". Whether the the the University Wind "Ivy" or followed the British army used to identify the the "CYL pattern" of the group, such tie with groups to identify the taste, the different colleges, different Legion today different group of companies Such a pattern may be employed.

Twill tie with a major addition to the pleasure of the different color combinations, it can create a calm and professional business image, quite suitable to use it to attend the the important briefing meeting or interview this kind of occasion.


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