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To wear neckties done an excellent groom

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You are the groom, the wedding, and win the tie is very important to drop, following up on a 10 kinds silk tie play learn!
The first: tie knot to tie suitable for a variety of materials, but also tie up men choose.
Tip: need for both sides of the cavity formed by the bow tie below the uniform and lining.
Second: Cross knot suitable for simple little color, a little thin material tie. Suitable for men like to show the popular sense.
Third: double knot suitable for young workers, more fashionable. This play first lap slightly exposed outside of the second lap, do not deliberately cover.
Fourth: Windsor knot Windsor knot suitable for wide-collar shirt, the tie should be more to the horizontal development. Should avoid too thick material tie, bow tie, also do not play too large.
Fifth: double-cross knot the tie should use more of the shirt with big lapels not only suitable for plain and Polyester tie, and the sense of a kind of honor. For formal occasions optional.
Sixth: Albert Prince junction
Applies to a series of romantic buckle collar and pointed collar shirt, with a romantic material the soft thin models silk tie, the correct play is to reserve more space in the broadside first try to fit together, and the second time round, namely completed a perfect junction.
Seventh: four-hand knot (single knot) is the most easy to use all bow tie, suitable for a variety of styles of romantic series shirt and tie.
Eighth: romantic knot is a perfect romantic junction, it is suitable for a variety of romantic series of the collar and the shirt, completed after the bow tie beneath the broad-brimmed pressure to wrinkle narrow its junction can also narrow side it to move around their small part of the next broadside tie.
: 9 Simple Results (coachman junction) for material thicker tie, best suited to play in standard type and button the collar of the shirt, the broadside to flip 180 degrees from top to bottom, and the fold hidden in the rear, to be completed and then adjust their tie length is the most common kind of knot-shaped.
10th: Cross Results (half-Windsor knot)
Cikuan junction is very elegant and rare, their style of play than the use of fine the subsection silk tie easier to get started, the most suitable match in romantic pointed collar and standard the neckline series lining.

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