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Silk scarves from the fashion of a cloth up

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        Silk scarf is just as simple as a piece of cloth, but if accompanied by a woman of beauty and innate wisdom, that this simple piece of cloth will magic like in a woman's body, head, neck size, waist, or even changing out all the beautiful sight on the package. For hundreds of years, women silk scarves decorated with the ever-changing. Large hat, is the most common decoration of woman, however, even how to change Hat always hats, novelty is not too big. Silk scarves can be said to play a woman of beauty, the emergence of unlimited imagination, yet ribbons wound on your head, either directly to silk scarves as shawls became a fashion.
With the change of silk scarves, and an increase in demand, which was given to more content. Of course, to get a simple piece of silk scarves decorated out effect also requires a lot of skill. Silk long since started to be used, it is accompanied by scarf folding method, the emergence of connection techniques, even when you're wearing the same piece of silk scarves a day, as long as you master the different folding methods, connection, then this piece of silk scarves will demonstrate different style for you.
Can make this simple piece of cloth more luster in addition to law other than the law, fold, is also the most important silk scarf color changes. From the 30 's, silk scarves in the very bold use of color, and with a strong sense of design, a number of renowned designers and brands also attached great importance to the development of silk scarves, became an indispensable accessory in all big.

  Now, after a century of development, functionality of the silk scarf is no longer single. From the dress, scarf, scarves, shawls, belts, scarves, belts, and even was used as the band, tied up in bags as accessories on, or as a pure work of art decor, love never made a secret of it. 

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