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Six strokes Department of the perfect silk tie

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I believe that each man has charm has a silk tie, then how can the Department of the perfect tie it? Jinfa tie below teach you six strokes!
        Check silk tie symmetry. Adjusting the tie knot to obtain an ideal symmetrical state. If necessary, re-system or upgrade to a Windsor knot. Slightly tilted junction looks really good, but the tie knot will be very inclined to flip your shirt collar, make you become very bad. But there are exceptional circumstances, some knot destiny is asymmetric (for example, in Italy, we will often fight asymmetric knot).

Maintain the tightness of the tie knot. Neat tie, of course, but unfortunately, the wearer need to be extremely tight around the neck. A tie too loose will pass out of the the wearer extremely professional information.

3 V type of evil. According to the film, "Outside Providence", the appropriate tie knot must have evil V-shaped. This is the so-called tie knot, you have to be such a sharp V-shaped.

For tall people. Tall people will find that this tie knot sometimes fall into the tie too far "on" position, and the formation of a not curry favor with the tie knot. You might want to find a special tie to solve this problem for tall people.

Make sure the cravat appeared ripples. To ensure broad at the bottom of a clean, symmetrical ripples in the tie knot.

6 unlock your silk tie. When you need to unlock your silk tie, you should follow the Department since it step by step to unlock it. In this case, the life of the silk tie will be even longer.

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