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Silk tie different classification

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       Silk tie according to shape and materials have different classifications, followed Jin necktie below up to know it! Silk tie from the morphological characters are divided into the following categories:
  1, arrow-shaped silk tie, silk necktie is the most basic style, is most common. Generally with a silk tailor, lined with wool linings, it is flexible, it is difficult to crease. The silk tie both ends of the size of the arrow head is triangular shaped, known as arrow-silk tie. In the pattern printing, Zhihua on two, in silk ties-used types in the largest.
  2, crew-cut silk tie, silk tie is one of the patterns change. Styling than arrow-silk tie slightly shorter and narrower, mostly to Jacquard knitted plain or tailor, the silk tie both ends of the flat, so called flat type silk tie.
  3, lines and circles silk tie, silk tie also known as wire rope. Relatively simple structure, with a colored silk rope, collar wrap, string over the middle in front of the metal mouthpiece, made more exquisite, top decorated with pattern. Cable loop silk tie is simple and convenient, is relaxed and lively after use.
  4, Ribbon tie, also known as the Western-style silk tie. Black or Purple Ribbon in front under the collar with a bow as decorations.
  5, wide silk tie, called the ASCOT silk tie in a foreign country, is one of the silk tie designs. When used without tie, and scarves. In Europe and the United States were at the wedding ceremony, used as daytime formal dress and the groom together. But was not part of the dress of the printed pattern matching used range, but rather a reflection of young people dressed up as dainty.
  6, slice silk tie, is a style of traditional silk tie, now rarely used, and is formed by two layers of silk suture, a short, when two overlapping, separated by the silk tie pins fixed color to black.
  7, turban-shaped silk tie, is a style of traditional silk tie. Its forms and styles, and our junior teams similar to the red scarf, made with silk.
  8, wing-like silk ties, bow ties for short, also known as the bow. Generally fall into two categories, small collar flower and bow. Small collar flower is mainly used for dress, black and white two colors, white-collars spend only wearing a tuxedo; small black collar flower, is used to wearing little dresses and dress variants. Bow is a small collar flower development, larger than the collar flower, formed only after the butterfly spread, therefore its name. With black, purple silk production, generally match with dresses.
  Silk ties from the material is divided into the following types:
  1, silk silk tie, a light, thin, soft material made of silk ties, shiny, but not dazzling. This gorgeous pure silk tie with a sense of.
  2, woolen silk ties, knitted and woven in two types, have a softer feel on the Visual and tactile, may also, as appropriate, without wool lining.
  3, cotton silk ties, the color is plain, printed, woven into a variety of colors and patterns, its shortcomings are easy to fold, no sense of flexibility.
  4, linen weave silk ties, no light on the color, fabric is coarse and granular on the Visual, not a soft hand feel, there is a strong feeling.
  5 fabric, blended silk tie, this fabric made of silk ties vision is more gorgeous and very real.
  6, leather silk necktie, made with soft leather.
      More information about silk ties, please visit our corporate blog:

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