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Silk scarf maintenance advice

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I believe that every girl has several beautiful silk scarves, there must be a lot of girls are not to know how to care for them to worry. In fact, the scarf is also very fragile, and want to make their own scarves long groomed, you may wish to look at the recommendations of experts.
, Scarves prone Zhehen, so we do not use a hanger put, is the best storage method.
Attend banquets and other grand occasions, scarves can make you look more gorgeous style perfume or powder, but should never be sprayed directly in scarves.
, Scarves can not withstand the friction, when in use, do not often knotted at the same site, or easy to make the parts lose their luster or pilling children.
4, scarves to keep dry, avoid direct contact with the insect repellent. Want to deal with the dirt or spots on the scarf, it is recommended sending a reputable professional dry cleaners, and the details (how kind of dirt contaminated time, whether treated).
5, scarves appear wrinkles in negative Dianbu low temperature ironing.
6 yellowed scarf because of quality silk material, not washing method or due to improper maintenance, but caused due to ultraviolet light or prolonged light exposure, to prevent the scarf yellow to avoid light.
Scarf texture and delicate, soft, but easily hook cut the shortcomings This situation, seize the hook to part with both hands, slowly straighten, to be back to the original state, with an iron stereotypes .
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Please note that the the processing shear label before the label recorded material, method of washing instructions, then use scissors along the edge of the label the label cut, then carefully cut the label yarn, which accident caused the destruction of the scarf curling.
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The washed silk scarf recommend dry cleaning. Such as washing their own application neutral detergent, hand wash, dry low iron opposite of scarves.
Maintenance and collection Do not scarf collection damp, no ventilation or direct sunlight to avoid scarves plaque and discoloration. Favorite the desiccant, cosmetics, perfumes and other chemical agents to avoid direct contamination scarves when. If not carefully dip should be promptly cleaned, otherwise easily cause the scarves turn yellow / black. Collection scarf flat folding Good put in the drawer; may also hanging in the smooth coat hanger.

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