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The origin of the silk tie

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       Silk ties often reflect the wearer's age, occupation, character, culture and economic capability and so on, its cultural characteristics with other garment is unique to humans. Its geographic climate, customs and aesthetic impact, socio-political, economic and cultural development is also an objective reflection of the changes, at the same time as the material and cultural products conform to the tide of history, in the desire for beauty, is constantly evolving.
  When did humans begin silk tie, why silk tie, silk tie with the first what? This is a difficult issue to research. Because of historical materials of silk ties are rarely documented, and few direct support visit silk tie, and the legend of the origins of silk ties and many of, everyone is not the same. To summarize, there are several assertions.
  Silk tie protection said: think silk tie originated in the earliest Germanic, Germanic people living in the remote, thickly forested mountains, live the life of a savage, dressed in animal skins to keep warm keep warm, in order not to let the skins fall off, they used rope tied around his neck, tied animal skins. In this way, the wind is not blowing from the neck, warm wind, then they rope on his neck was found in the West, gradually improved into a silk tie. Another view of silk neckties originated from fishermen on the coast, fishermen to fish in the sea, offshore wind and cold, fishermen on the neck straps, windproof warmth, strap into a decoration. Protect the human body to adapt to the geographical and climatic conditions, is an objective factor in silk ties, silk tie of this rope, braid is the most original.
  Silk tie function said: believe that because it is the origin of territorial integrity with needs, have a purpose, there are two legends.
  Considered the origins of silk tie in United Kingdom men wipe your mouth under the collar for the men of the cloth. Before the industrial revolution, United Kingdom is a backward country, eating meat and claw, to hold my tongue and then big chunks to chew, adult male pop beard, large pieces of meat eating greasy beard, men on the sleeve to wipe. For a child to deal with acts of man that does not love a clean, women in a man's collar was hanging under a cloth dedicated to wipe their mouth, Giurgiu, below the collar of the cloth into the United Kingdom coat of traditional accessories. After the industrial revolution, United Kingdom developed into a developed capitalist countries, people on daily life stress, hanging under the collar of cloth became a silk tie.
  Another legend believed that silk tie is the Roman Empire, the army used to cold, dust and other practical purposes. Go to the frontline to fight in the army, wife, husband, friend to friend hanging scarves kerchiefs similar in their neck, used for hemostasis and wound in the war. Later, in order to distinguish between the soldiers, company, uses a different color of scarf, which evolved into today 's, become a professional clothing necessities.
  Silk tie decorated said silk tie is the origin of human emotional expression of beauty. Middle of the 17th century, France Rhodia in the army cavalry triumphal return to Paris. They dressed in full uniform, wearing a scarf on the neck collar, color variety, very nice, very spiritual, power and prestige in on a horse. Paris loves fashion noble young man, more interested in race to follow suit, collar and tie a scarf on your own. The next day, a Minister moving, a white scarf on the neck collar, also played a beautiful bow in front, King Louis XIV had greatly appreciated, publicly announced the flag bow tie for the nobility, and ordered the classes to be dressed up.
  Above, the origins of silk tie many, each from its own point of view, there is some justification, it is difficult to convince each other to each other; but it is obvious that silk tie originated in Europe. Silk tie is human society to a certain extent a product of physical and cultural development, is a (chance) products, the wearer and the observer influencing its development. Marx said: "progress in society is the human pursuit of beauty. "In real life, humans in order to beautify themselves, making themselves more perfectly, more charming, produced by nature supplied or manufactured items to decorate your own desires, fully illustrated the origin of silk ties.

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