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Silk tie maintenance

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A tie cleaning

Silk tie after a period of time, it is easy to dirty, must not be water washed by hand and put in the washing machine washing, should be sent to the dry cleaners, professional laundry division cleaning, otherwise it will fade and shrink, produce wrinkled feeling. If it is not dirty, you can do it yourself. First, wet cleaning method. The foam sets to tie on a paper template slightly moistened with diluted detergent scrub with a soft brush or foam, and then wipe it off with a dry towel appears, then scrub clean wet towel. Second, a dry cleaning method. Soft brush dipped in a little gasoline stains at the brush along the longitude and latitude of the tie fabric to be gasoline smell volatile, graze a few times and then clean wet towel.

Second, the tie ironing

Tie clean, wands put a crimp in the tie on both sides of the inside edge, so the edge will not be hot into a dead fold and tie a piece of cloth lining, very, different parts of the fold shadow around to ironing with irons are subject to natural, while control of the ironing temperature and speed. Usually silk and chemical fiber, blended fabrics need ironing temperature below 150 degrees Celsius, wool fabrics can be controlled below 180 degrees Celsius, but the tie is appropriate low and medium temperature ironing, preferably about 70 degrees Celsius. The wool tie first pad of white cloth, ironing with steam function, accelerate the speed of ironing silk ties in order to prevent the ironing of Aurora and hot yellow spots.

Third, the tie store

If the short-term without a tie, should it loosely rolled into a roll, placed on the chest of drawers being wrapped in paper and put away in this next good mothballs.

Tie routine maintenance

Upscale tie made more use of natural silk and rayon, and more with a few also easily deformed, and to pay special attention to maintenance;, low-grade print tie pigment poor, its pattern, color is also easy to appear due to washing or soaking each other penetration, staggered caused staining. Therefore, the tie with a good off his should immediately hanging on a rack, it naturally ventilated stretch sweat evaporates. The cleaning of the entire tie best send Laundry Dry Cleaning, stir wash must not be thrown into the washing machine, so as not to tie deformation. Partial stains can be carefully washed or soiled oil cloth, then dry naturally or iron dry.
5, tie the drying

When to use a thin foam pad live Nips drying, avoid silk fabric out of shape, wrinkle.
6, tie maintenance should pay attention to the problem

Use silk tie untied bow tie, and carefully put the flat collar and tie a small collar, avoid the force pulling the table cloth and lined, resulting fabric fiber breakage, permanent creases. Tie untied, please tie with a coat hanger hanging or flattened, curled placed, and to pay attention to be placed at the smooth to avoid scratching tie or produce stringing. Ready to do the swap a few day-to-day tie, replaced tie sprayed with a little water, it folds easily restitution collection at home hanging or flat dry place. Accidentally contaminated with stains or food, dry cleaning, and to avoid washing and high temperature ironing tie damaged. Wearing a seatbelt when the car, do not tie the tie in seat belt to avoid wrinkles. Bow tie mouth wrinkles, should steam iron low temperature ironing.

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