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One of the leading neckwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shengzhou Jinfa Necktie Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and customizing competitive and quality neckwear products either OEM-based or self-branded, including Jacquard or woven, yarn dyed or printed silk or polyester neckties, scarves, shawls, stoles and bow ties, etc. more>>

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Gentleman tie Picks

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Recommended for you several 2012 autumn and winter the new silk tie, suit and tie a single product to enrich your wardrobe with different colors, fabrics, perfect collar engineering "highlight grid taste.
Wine red dot cotton tie
See the the Burberry - Lipo Song 2012 autumn and winter new wine red dot cotton tie, reminds me of the Polka Dot series earlier lv Kusama Yayoi cooperation, with respect to the the lv wave point gives the kind of visual expansion sense, Burberry - Lipo Song this wine red dot cotton tie is more comfortable, and unique with a narrow version of the currently most popular style of tie, then restrained and calm wine red with vibrant radiance wave point pattern balanced and complementary reflect the right mix of modern and traditional elements.
Gray wool mixed narrow tie
Comfortable fabrics make men feel comfortable and relaxed, In addition, the wide tie for best supporting actor is no longer a men's wardrobe narrow version of the type of tie is more popular in the moment, but also the more fashion. Dolce & Gabbana combination of these two elements, and this is the most sensible choice for men, the stereo mix of wool and silk, coupled with restrained narrow version cut, as well as highlight the temperament gray little look old-fashioned elegant and refined, but the more significant.
The silk color mixing patterns tie
From Milan's brand the etro of fame is from its color, bold, never standing pat. Season equally well for men purple and magenta mixed tie, not obtrusive exaggerated out of line, but it is very stylish. In the use of the most exquisite silk fabrics use unique tread design, a bit like the Heart pattern gift of love charm, vivid white shirt considerably.
Gray wool tie
Brand j.crew from the East Coast of the United States is a leader in the textile fiber product, this comfortable gray wool tie is an ingenious product. Modern crop cultivation, with the fine and perfect color, in line with the brand's casual style, while yet stable, business and leisure all. Shirts and jackets with high quality tie for a perfect transition, more self-confidence.
Geometric pattern silk tie
A professional silk fabric tie showing contemporary British brand marwood traditional craftsmanship and the perfect combination of elegant and innovative design. Compared to before the introduction of the deep blue silk bow tie, of this geometry corrugated suit tie to break the monotony of the white shirt, a strong visual impact so that the two match up more vivid, highlight the modern male fashionable yet stable taste.

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