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Clever use of the silk scarf

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Plastron: Silk scarves do chest ornaments to beautify the chest, add vitality. Method is the large square diagonally folded and flat against the chest wound in the back, and then before the cross extends to the neck from the back, a bow that is. Chest ornaments and bows form a bright, very elegant. Silk scarves made decorations carefully between the breast and the measurement of thoracic tightness, if it cannot be inserted after the silk scarf fastened finger, then too tight, silk scarves to wrinkle, it indicates that there's too much. Silk scarves folded, with 90 degree diagonal side put down on the chest, then the other two corners around the neck cross of a pine-knot in his chest, this connection will double mature charm, but also make up for the defect of the chest. Is in need of attention, as a chest ornament of silk scarves, fabric texture should be soft and fluffy, silk scarves in color should be light, this would enable the people of vision expanded, gives a sense of fullness.
  Waist ornaments: easy free head mounted, with a printed silk scarves folded diagonally 90 degree right angle wrapped left arm, and the remaining two corners at the waist with a beautiful bow on the right side, a simple yet beautiful. Silk scarves can also be used as a belt, a full waist, smooth lines and in the side of the body at the intersection of a flap knot, this connection can make the dress look God Choi Olympus.
  Wrapping decorations: silk scarf diagonally into a triangle, elegantly wrapped in the head, silk scarves at both ends-side corner chest cross bypass, in the back of the neck with a loose knot and leave fluffy forehead fringe. Selection of soft, lightweight silk on silk scarf wrapped around the knot, or produce a variety of designs, or let things go hang hanging, long loose hair, also highlights the clean, competent and temperament. Silk scarves wrapped ornaments can effectively resist the cold, looks more beautiful.
  Petty bag: If you accidentally took to the streets, encounter small items you want to purchase without carry bags, then you may wish to remove your silk scarves will put your purchased items. The four corner diagonally to form beautiful knot, a practical and aesthetically pleasing, made into a bag.
  Silk scarves with their gorgeous looks and a soft, fresh texture became one of the most practical of the most popular accessories, you can play your own imagination, by analogy, your decorations colorful, let you add to the charm.

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