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How to match the tie, shirt, trousers?

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Silk tie color and pattern, in general plain, twill, dots, and geometric pattern silk tie match with any style of suit or shirt. But pay attention to Paramecium Patterns can only wear in leisure time, work best to avoid the use of, or any errors Taiga.
Look at the silk tie three styles: tie style, mainly in the width of the tie, the tie width more than 8-9 cm up to 12 cm wide, the narrowest of only 5-7 cm. The tie is basically divided into three types, you can to choose according to their preferences.
There are tie seasonal generally is very knowledgeable, the best to wear in the summer heat, the soft light of the materials such as silk and silk tie, tie knot should play a relatively small, gives a refreshing sense of. In the autumn and winter color is necessary to warm-based, such as dark red, brown like the warm colors in the visual will produce a warm feeling. In the spring and summer season mainly in cool colors, warm colors, supplemented.
Then how silk ties and dress shirts with it?
There is a mix called three single mix together generally more insurance, which means that the three kinds of monochrome. Or two single flowers, this costume you want attention, of which only a pattern or patterns of both the shirt and tie or suit, then the pattern or patterns of color must be one of the other two colors. Yes, there are two to spend a single. If you want to dress so we should pay attention to: When there are two patterns or designs, must pioneer the separation pattern of the strength and pattern of the trend. Is necessary to avoid the use of ruled or stripes tie to wear stripes suit or shirt, it is best to use the tie-directional twill, dots or paramecium color.
Next we look at the color with the basic principle: silver-gray, creamy white suit with red tie, red, purple suit with a creamy white tie, dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, pink tie, brown, dark green suit with a sky-blue tie.
The saying goes, details reflect the taste, although it although many male compatriots the suit Gelv, but a bit on the details of the dress ignorance once again. Today we talk about the details of a man dress, first of all, let's look at the face of the man waist belt called.
First, decorative belt, and some friends love the portability belt hanging pager, cell phone, etc.. This will very much affect the decorative belt, that is not simple does not seem capable. The length of the second belt. Belt fasten the end should be between the first and second pants trip, that is not too short nor too long. The third belt width. The belt is too narrow to make men lose their masculinity, too wide belt is only suitable for casual, cowboy style. General belt width should be maintained at three centimeters. Also, when a belt is not the belt buckle and zipper is not a line may be necessary to make a fool of oneself.
Trousers waistband is the soul, the soul of the trousers on the waistband, waistband inappropriate as long as you put on pants, in the case of natural breathing is not loose and not too tight or just put one hand under, which illustrate the waistband is appropriate. That is stretched into a palm pants thin. If your waistband can be inserted into a fist to illustrate waistband fat. The trousers waistband can modify the amplitude with stress, to the small change only within 5 cm to Tali change can not be more than 3.8 cm. If outside this range will change the original shape of the pants.
The pants also want to pay attention to the trouser leg broken line must be impartially than straight naturally down to the vamp, the only such center line to hold the pants handsome texture. The length of the pants from behind should happened to pick every at heel and upper. If you want to make the legs look more slender, then the length of the pants can also be extended to the heel 1/2. In addition, the belt must buy a belt pants than 5 cm. This means that if you wear the pants in 35, then the belt should buy 36.
In life, men must not be exposed length trousers and shoes between white socks. White socks and light colored cotton socks only suitable for sports leisure wear. Socks for men of color in general should be a basic neutral color, and color depth than trousers. The color suits the color of the socks match is the most fashionable and most concise. In addition, the length of socks should pay attention to. Long socks will look rustic too short socks when you sit down with one leg resting on the other leg, the leg part of the exposed skin. Usually the length of the sock about the location of the following leg.

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